Companies in the telecommunications (telecom) industry are benefiting greatly from artificial intelligence (Ai) and the practical use of Ai through machine learning. For example, Gartner research indicates that product leaders must understand the realistic adoption and potential impact of strong Ai technologies across the telecom industry.

What are some of the best ways Ai can help the telecom industry? Let’s take a look at the top 5 uses and how they can help your company succeed.

Network Optimization

Network optimization is used to improve the network’s performance. Global load balancing, minimizing latency, packet loss monitoring, and bandwidth management are all a part…

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Many companies in the financial services industry are benefiting greatly from artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning capabilities. According to research by The Economist, the benefits of greater Ai adoption are widely recognized across the financial services industry, including reduced cost base and better predictive analytics. To get ahead of the competition, you must begin your own digital transformation.

Advances in Machine Learning for Finance

Legacy systems are not as effective in today’s market. They prevent the adoption of advanced technologies that can help companies beat the competition. …

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Most humans are social creatures and will venture outside their homes to shop, dine, and be entertained. As the pandemic forced people to remain home, they turned to online shopping, meal delivery, and streaming services.

As more and more people begin to venture out in the post-vaccine world, many industries will see an influx of customers — especially the entertainment industry. The joy of experiencing an action movie and hearing others gasp or cheer is thrilling. Zoom calls are a great way to connect with others from a distance but don’t give you the same connection.

Just as a roller…

Fraud happens every day whether we notice it or not. Merchants may not even be aware that fraud is occurring at their store, and yet it can still happen. Preventing that fraud from happening is important to maintaining business revenue through customer trust and brand security.

And yet, in most cases, the merchant would not be responsible for the fraud. The insurance company would foot the bill if the stolen item or money could not be recovered. Therefore, it is even more important for financial services companies to prevent fraud.

What are some of the current pain points the financial…


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a key innovation in artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning. To the point where it is very critical and has become a field in its own right.

There are many things NLP can be applied towards. Imagine being able to read tweets and their sentiment in real time. Are they negative or positive?

What we’d like to discuss is how NLP can help businesses with something they all have to deal with… contracts!

Think of how many times you go through an end user license agreement. What do you do? You probably just click ok…

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with leading cloud-data platform provider Snowflake to make it easier than ever for organizations to accelerate artificial intelligence (Ai) projects and achieve high-value strategic outcomes faster.

The collaboration makes ElectrifAi’s pre-built machine learning (ML) models available to Snowflake Data Cloud users through Snowpark, a feature Snowflake announced last September.

Snowpark/Java UDF users can integrate their organization’s data and ElectrifAi’s pre-built ML models using Snowflake’s Java user-defined functions (UDFs). The integration makes it virtually seamless for Ai project teams to apply Ai to harness the power of their data.

They can run their…

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The Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) industry has been dynamically changed in the post-COVID-19 world. Companies are now focusing their attention on:

· Driving revenue-generation models

· Renewing relationships with customers

· Enhancing the customer experience

· Focusing on digital transformation

How do you rethink your company’s role in society considering all the changes that have taken place since 2020? We are in an entirely new landscape as customer expectations have changed. Meeting these changes head-on and still retaining excellent customer service is a challenge best handled with the speed and accuracy of machine learning.

The following pre-built machine learning…

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Most people use natural language processing (NLP) every day but have never heard of the formal term. Things like smart assistants, email filtering, keyword extraction, autocorrect… the list goes on. Do you ever think about how those useful tools work?

Let’s delve into what is NLP and what are some business applications of this useful technology.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

NLP is the part of artificial intelligence (Ai) that gives computers the ability to process and understand text and spoken words similarly to humans.

Machine learning in conjunction with NLP allows the computer to continually learn more words and phrases. Over time, the computer…

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As the economy begins to reopen post-COVID, the travel industry will boom. The demand for faster, better, cheaper, and more scalable artificial intelligence (Ai) will be vital to keep up with customer demand.

Business leaders everywhere recognize that machine learning is the optimal way to accelerate and drive digital transformation but are unsure how to get started. Do you start your own data science team to custom-build machine learning models from scratch? Or do you partner with an experienced firm that has pre-built machine learning models ready to go?

If you choose to partner with a firm, ElectrifAi has the…

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Competing in the crowded, dynamic financial markets can be hard for companies to manage on their own. Business leaders in the financial services industry recognize how machine learning can accelerate and drive digital transformation but are hesitant about how to get started.

ElectrifAi is an experienced navigator who can steer you in the right direction with pre-built machine learning models. By analyzing large data sets of disparate data, we can:

· Identify cross-sell opportunities.

· Predict creditworthiness.

· Better engage with customers.

· Detect and reduce fraud.

Let’s discuss the following four machine learning model use cases that have proven…


ElectrifAi is the world’s machine learning software factory with over 1,000 pre-built or pre-structured machine learning models available.

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